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Toshiba Satellite A75.

Well since today is January 30th and Windows Vista, the WOW has just been sweeping off of computer store shelves-or is it? So you may think that I am starting this blog in honor of the WOW. The truth of the matter is this: I figured I’d give WordPress a shot and start a techno inspired blog. Or is it? Did I just start this blog to rant and rave about my frustrations with the Toshiba Satellite A75-S2762, which has been sent into Toshiba’s Depot at least 25 times by now and has yet to be fixed.

 Here is a review by another angry Toshiba user:

1 out of 10

“i would kill myself if i knew how bad this notebook was when i got it.”
by disturbed92 (see profile) – December 27, 2005

 The Toshiba laptop that I have been using is my mom’s “old” laptop, yet it’s hardly been used since she bought it in 2004 and it has been nothing but a pain in the a**. Right now I am taking some distance ed. college courses and I am in desperate need of a good laptop, or at least a laptop that doesn’t shut off every 4 minutes. Seriously-It’s shut off at least 50 times while I was trying to set up this new blog and get this…there’s a class action lawsuit up for those who have purchased certain Toshiba Satellite laptops, yet all that the consumer will get is a mere $25 to spend at Toshiba Online.

I for one will never buy a Toshiba unless they can convince me otherwise. If I found one for $1.00 I wouldn’t buy it. I was on the line with Toshiba’s tech support (AKA people from India that I can’t really understand)  for exactly 58 minutes lastnight so that I can ship this laptop in to their depot express repair tomorrow. I’m not too thrilled though. It’s been sent in so many times and “repaired” that I doubt Toshiba’s ability to fix it again.

So I need a laptop, but what do I get? There are so many choices out there today and so many questions to be asked. OSX or Windows Vista? AMD or Celeron?
How much MB of RAM? HD Space? Screen Size? Weight?
Price? Color? Acer, Gateway, Dell, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Apple, Sony, Fujitshu, Tulip, IBM, Averatec, … ? Well I know one thing. I refuse to purchase a Toshiba. I’ve tried IBM, Dell, Gateway, and others and always feel like they are lacking. I don’t care how pretty the power button is-wait a minute-since when do people care about how pretty the power button is? Ok, maybe that’s all that stands out about a Toshiba. Pretty power button or not, I refuse to buy Toshiba. I’ve seen some good deals on Toshiba too. My mom paid near $2,500 for her Toshiba Satellite (July 2004) and it has been nothing but a hot piece of plastic. So what do I do? I need a laptop for school and I want a good laptop. Maybe I’m technologically obsessed but lacking funds to get the new Prada ASUS S6F Limited Edition Pink Leather Laptop or the stunning Acer Ferrari.

I’ve been browsing the Net and many people say that Windows Vista is a big yawn, my peers say it’s nothing but a copycat of OSX. I went into Best Buy and Circuit City lastnight to try the new laptops with Vista installed on them and I beg to differ. I didn’t find Windows Vista to be a copycat of OS X, nor is it very similar aside from the Widgets that can be downloaded for free by a XP user from Google or Yahoo!. I’m debating on whether or not I should go out and buy a laptop with Vista installed, a Compaq for $450, for example, or drop $1,000 on a Macbook. I have been reading about Microsoft’s new OS for nearly 2 years, back when Vista was codenamed “Longhorn.”

I think Vista looks pretty spectacular, but maybe I should wait for upgrades to it since this run may have a few glitches?